A Little History

This is an opportunity for you to add a little history of your area. We have an interesting book compiled by Harry Harrison and published by the Kilmorack Heritage Association titled Urchany and Farley, Leanassie and Breakachy which is very well researched and very informative. Out of print now it is a good basis for history of the area. Not easy to get hold of but there are copies in the area and in the National Libraries at St Andrew’s, Edinburgh and London. Only 132 copies were actually printed. There are various other publications in the series but may prove hard to get. The definitive list is here: Kilmorack_Publications


Crask of Aigas old photo

Crask Of Aigas, Kilmorack c.1911

Also available on line from the National Library of Scotland are the Lovat Estate Maps 1798-1800

A Gazetteer of 1882-4 of Kilmorack makes interesting reading

The history of Aigas House is well documented on this web site.

We do have one web site which encompasses the Breakachy area which you may find interesting. Click the link.

If you have something you wish to share about your area send it to us and we will include it. 

highland cottage


The Facebook Page Memories of Beauly and Kilmorack is a more contemporary take on recent history but is somewhere you can ask questions.