Thusday 1st December 2011

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 1st December 2011 at the ‘Kirk’, Wester Balblair at 7.30pm

Present: Teresa Shaw, Steve Byford, John Stewart,, Duncan Fraser, Mark Hedderwick, Clare Caldwell. John Graham, Mary Graham.

Cllr. Helen Carmichael, Cllr. Drew Hendry.


Community Members: Alisdair Stewart, Ron McLaughlin(late arrival)

The meeting opened with Teresa Shaw taking the Chair and calling for votes for the election of officers.

  • ·         John Graham proposed that Steve Byford be re-appointed Chairman and this was seconded by John Stewart. This was unanimously approved.
  • ·         Steve Byford proposed that John Stewart was appointed Vice President and Claire Caldwell seconded this proposal. Unanimously approved.
  • ·         Steve Byford proposed Duncan Fraser as treasured, seconded by John Stewart. Unanimously approved.
  • ·         John Graham proposed that Mary Graham was appointed Secretary, seconded by Steve Byford and unanimously approved.

Teresa Shaw then handed over the Chair to Steve Byford who thanked her warmly for her all her assistance in the past and for so ably chairing this inaugural meeting. Teresa Shaw wished everyone well and then departed.

Steve Byford then made a point of thanking those past members of the KCC, James Martin and Adrian Todd, for all the effort they have given in the past. He suggested a small token of our appreciation may be appropriate to be decided later.

A sum of £600 was approved to be paid to the secretary to cover costs incurred during the year.

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 3rd November 2011 were read and acceptance as a true and accurate record was proposed by Mark Hedderwick and seconded by Duncan Fraser – Approved.

Planning Matters: No applications at this time although a letter had been sent to HC Planning  in support of Chantelle Morris’s application on the instructions of the cprevious meeting.


Matters arising:

  • ·         Beauly Toll safety rail. No action yet but the suggestion was a wooden picket fence would match that on the adjacent road. The Chair would contact TEC Services for agreement on that basis. Re-instatement of the light on the central reservation is to be explored.
  • ·         Road Diversion Plan – SB has spoken to local Police who have no action plan in force and any diversion would be auctioned by the senior officer on site on an ad hoc basis. Police Control would arrange the signs to be put up.
  • ·         Hydro Houses – no further action as yet although a No Parking Sign will be placed in lay-by
  • ·         Broallan Road has had some work done to improve although it may be appropriate to keep a check where the drainage has been done.
  • ·         White lining on the Cannich Road It was suggested that this has become worn and a contact to TEC services will be made to reinstate asap.
  • ·         Aggregate Industries, Balblair QuarryDuncan reported on the future plans for the quarry with its ten year extension. Explanation of the plans to landscape the area had been forthcoming and we shall be looking for a timescale for this work.
  • ·         SSE: The Secretary was asked if Lisa Kelly could be invited to one of our next meetings to advise on movements with the Beauly-Denny line, concerns as to the Red Squirrels in Balblair Wood and progress on the new footpath to Beauly Toll.

Boundary Changes:

Drew Hendry reported on the proposed changes to the Westminster Boundaries in which it was proposed that Kilmorack would become part of Caithness Ward. HC had raised objections to that as had both Beauly and Kiltarlity Community Councils. It was felt more appropriate that Kilmorack and the adjoining areas remained with the bulk of Ward 13 and attached to Inverness.


 No report. However it was suggested that John Stewart contacted Charles Heaton to see if matched funding of some £500 might be available for the fence by the toll.



SB referred to previous letters about Managing Flood Risk. Mark Hedderwick had studied the document and come to the conclusion it was more directed towards the urban communities. Helen confirmed that the issues at Moniak had been resolved.

Cllr Helen Carmichael left the meeting. 20.35pm

Highland Small Communities Trust. Steve will forward relevant information now his scanner has been repaired.

Moray Firth Partnership was having their AGM at Eden Court on the 6th Dec and invited us to join them. Regrettably no one was available.

A list of Contact details had been produced and was handed out.

A request that the Secretary forward all the new Contact details to Charles Stevens.

Future Meetings: The next two meetings were fixed as Thursday 2nd February and Thursday 1st March 2012.

AOCB: Several members attended a meeting on the Beauly-Mossford line at Lovat Hotel. Duncan reported on that and the undergrounding as it reached Balblair. It was felt that it would be appropriate to ask Lisa Kelly to arrange for an appropriate representative to come and clarify detail

Meeting Closed: 9.14pm


Signed:  SB