Minutes of Meeting Thursday 13th April 2023

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 13th April 2023 at Beauly Bowls Club starting at 7.40pm.

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), John Stewart(Vice Chair),  Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham,  Graham Mackay, John Graham(Secretary).Cllr. David Fraser, Cllr. Emma Knox.

Apologies: Cllr. Chris Balance, Cllr. Helen Crawford

Guests: Roy Templeton

Meeting Commenced at 19.40hrs (7.40pm)

Minutes of Meeting 2nd March 2023: Proposed: Duncan Fraser, Seconded: Graham Mackay.

Police Report:

  • No Report received

Matters Arising:

  • SSE Speed Cameras – Update – Contacted Sally as Speed signs were expected. No reply received to date.
  • Trees between Kilmorack Hall and the Glebe. Residents have expressed concern. JG arranged Neil Valentine (Aigas Community Forest) to make a brief assessment. One tree dead and the lean on another tree is causing some concern. Recommendation that we ask THC to instigate an arboreal report and take such action as in necessary.
  • Road Repairs – Cllr. D. Fraser to supply THC plans for repairs/resurfacing. KCC to study and comment.
  • Salt Bin damage at Torgormack. JG to contact John Taylor to request replacement. SB asked if shovels could be included.
  • SSEN Spittal – Beauly(incl Fenallen Substation) SB – Notification cards not distributed to all residents in affected areas CLG(10th April 2023) SSEN to re-assess rules of engagement with Community. SB agreement to include KCC in open letter to SSEN from 25 Community Councils along the line – All agreed.
  • Noise at Substation – Reported by Groam of Annat residents- Complete questionnaire to identify scale of problem. JS – consult Gregor McCormack on form. Cc to David Moody

Chairman: As above

Vice Chairman: WB noise is still quite audible.


  • Dates for meetings rest of year are confirmed.


  • Balance stands at £3695.66
  • Proposal to apply for online banking as many suppliers don’t want cheques nowadays. Also checking balances will be easier for the Treasurer.

Planning: No applications


Meeting Closed: at 21.15hrs (9.15pm)

Next Meeting: Thursday 4th May 2023 at Beauly Bowls Club starting at 7.30pm