Minutes of the Meeting of Thursday 4th October 2012

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 4th October 2012 at the ‘The Beauly Gallery’ at 7.30pm

Present:  Steve Byford (Chairman), John Stewart, John Graham, Mary Graham, Clare Caldwell,  Alisdair Stewart,

Apologies: Cllr. Drew Hendry, Cllr. Hamish Wood, Cllr. Margaret Harrison, Cllr. Helen Carmichael, Mark Hedderwick, Duncan Fraser

Community Members:

Guests: Sgt. Gregor Hay, Northern Constabulary

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 6th September 2012 were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record. Proposed by John Stewart and seconded John Graham – Approved.

The Chairman invited Sgt Gregor Hay to address the meeting. Sgt Hay requested that members of the Community were forthcoming with information as what may not seem that important to us may fill in gaps in ongoing investigations. The speed of traffic on the Cannich Road was discussed and Sgt. Hay agreed to contact SSE, especially in the light of a recent accident and the shortening daylight hours. The Chair thanked Sgt. Hay for joining us and for his support to the community.

Matters arising:

  • ·        SSE: We hope that SSE/SHETL will be attending the next meeting to bring us up to date with the paths.
  • ·        TEC Services: We have had an update from TEC services that the Broallan Road is to be resurfaced, white lining is planned and a budget for drains and culverts approved. The 30mph Roundels on the Altyre Road have been painted. We have been in contact with Richard Evans about winter snow and ice clearance and a commitment to review the service has been made by the new administration. That issue is ongoing.
  • ·        Bus Shelter and Parking area:  Bus Shelter is now ordered. Delivery 4-6weeks.

Chairman’s Business:

  • ·        The Chairman informed the meeting that the Ewen Beaton Fund was still receiving donations and the bank was liaising with Jo Beaton to make sure related expenses were covered. The books of Condolence were now withdrawn and will be handed over at a suitable time.

Secretaries Business:

Planning Matters:

  • ·        It was pointed out that no outstanding applications had yet been approved.
  • ·        House of Beauly Planning in Principle application had been refused


  • ·        The funding from the British legion had been received by John Stewart and banked.


  • ·        Public Engagement in Off-shore energy. John and Mary Graham attended the road show. The impact on tourism may affect us but there is little we can contribute at this time. There will be a further road show next year which will define suggested areas of development which may well interest us. Announcements by the Scottish Government are rather premature at this time.
  • ·        Short-life Working Group on Community Council. The report has been circulated. There are some areas of concern and some of agreement. As can be expected those of concern emanated from the Government and COSLA, those of agreement from the Community Council representatives.


  • ·        Path from Kilmorack Hall: Community Payback have cleared the path but Alisdair Stewart asked that the CC could request permission from TEC services to extend the path to the Kilmorack bus shelter.
  • ·        SSE Fairburn Windfarm Update: We are listed as represented parties and have received a rather bland update.

Next meeting 1st Nov at the Beauly Gallery – 7.30pm

Meeting Closed: 9.10pm

Signed:   SB