Minutes of the meeting 5th September 2013

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 5th September 2013 at the ‘The Kilmorack Hall’ at 7.40pm

Present: Steve Byford (Chairman), John Stewart, Mary Graham(Secretary), John Graham, , Clare Caldwell, Duncan Fraser, Mark Hedderwick, Cllr. Margaret Davidson, Cllr. Helen Carmichael

Apologies: Cllr. Hamish Wood

Community Members: Mr. D. and Mrs. K. Simon, Mrs. S. Walker, Mrs. I. Grant, Mrs. Tara Ross

Guests: PC Scott MacLean

Meeting commenced 19.42hrs.

Police Scotland, Beauly Area Report:

PC Scott MacLean reported.

• No crimes reported in the Kilmorack area since last meeting.

• Concerns were raised by residents as to the use of the Leanassie road by heavy tracked construction traffic causing damage. JG to pass concerns on to TEC services.

• A warning was also given to livestock keepers to be vigilant after possible theft of sheep in the Kiltarlity area.

• Also be aware that many fixed penalty notices had risen from £60 to £100.

Due to the amount of business to conduct and the interest of some residents in one planning application it was decided to allow that representation in advance of the meeting.

Planning – Leanassie

Members of the local community, represented by Kaye Simon and Susan Walker, expressed their concerns for road safety, damage and strain on the services in the light of the application by W. Crawford for a new house at Leanassie. A letter was also read from Mairi Lamont as representation against this application. A general concern as to the scale and intrusive nature of this development was expressed.

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 6th June 2013 were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record. Proposed by John Stewart and seconded Clare Caldwell – Approved.

Matters arising:

• Noise at Wester Balblair Substation. Isobel Grant and Tara Ross representing the local residents addressed the meeting to clarify their own experience and concerns caused by the noise issue. JS reported on problems with noise from the new transformers and reactors. THC’s sound engineer had taken readings and established that there was a serious problem. SSE are still evaluating their own and THC’s report. MD to arrange meeting with SSE and planners at THC headquarters. JS and SB to attend. Local residents were requested to keep a log of the disturbance.

• SSE Toll path update: SB had been in discussions and was aware of issues with trees and the farm tenants. It was suggested that to push this forward a meeting could be arranged with SSE, THC tree officer, Lovat Estates, Farm tenants and KCC

• Cllr H. Carmichael left 21.10hrs

• First Aid Course – MG reported that an Everyday First Aid course will be run by the British Red Cross on Sunday 8th September at Kilmorack Hall.

• Drains and Culverts: SB and JG attended a meeting at TEC services with Richard Evans and fully discussed the issues both of Roads and Winter Resilience. Maps of the area marking problems have now been handed over. Although a great deal of ground was covered there are still issues such as snow clearance which are not fully resolved. MD offered to arrange a meeting with Richard Guest who might be better able to drive this to the next stage.

• JG requested names of community members that would volunteer for snow clearance under the THC winter resilience scheme so that they can be covered by THC insurance.

• Beinn Mhor. Objection to met mast sent. MD informed that approval had been passed that day.

• Orrin Wind Farm (Fairburn Ext) – Objection to THC and Energy Consents had been sent. Copies have been circulated.

• Aigas Picnic Area- A walk behind “trimmer” had been purchased (£299.95) after a trial which proved satisfactory. JG will house the equipment. It will be available for all other including the war memorial.

• War Memorial – it was agreed that a salt bin will be purchased. Fence is still to be repaired. Ref: Breedon Quarries and/or Community Payback..

• FCS: Parking Meters at Glen Affric. Meeting at Cannich Monday 23rd September. JG and MG to attend.

• Aigas Forest Update-papers circulated. Moves for part purchase, part lease are being discussed.


Chairman’s Business: This had been dealt with under Noise.

Secretary’s Business: None

Planning Matters:

• 13/03013/FUL Two storey house and garage, Leanassie – After consideration of the representation from the local residents and after discussion regarding compliance with the Hinterland rules the Community Council instructed that a letter of objection be drafted and sent to the Planning Officer.

• 13/03278/MSC – 18 Torgormack – No issues raised

• 13/02790/FUL – Croft 13, Torgormack – It was agreed that a comment be raised on the issue of vehicular access to the main road due to the speeds of traffic at that point.

Finance: Nothing to report


• Marine Scotland Consultation Road show.

• Inverness Ward Forum – Police Scotland and Fire Service


• Issues had been raised as to the reported closure of the track through Farley Wood to Loch nam Bonnach caused by forestry work for the SSE Beauly-Mossford line. MH clarified the issues especially relating to horse access and lack of parking due to the ongoing work. Stewart Eastaugh, Access Rights Officer, has been emailed but we have yet to have a response.

• Run ‘o the River Hydro – Glen Affric. MH had no further information

• MG reported ion the Beauly and District Senior Citizens Afternoon Tea at Kilmorack Hall 17th September.

Next meeting 3rd October 2013 at the Kilmorack Hall – 7.30pm.

Meeting Closed: 22.16hrs


High436Steve Byford, Chairman