The Annual General Meeting of Kilmorack Community Council will be held on Thursday 4th April 2019 at Ffordes Photographic, The Kirk, Wester Balblair at 7.30pm.


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Here we are again. Another working year at the Community Council has passed. It doesn’t seem to have been such a busy year until a colleague on the Community Council reminded me of what we have covered over the last year.

Unlike previous years we have not had to spend so much of our time on the problems relating to the Wester Balblair substation and the noise from it. This is not to say that we are completely satisfied with the noise as we are not. There have been certain times during this last year that the noise has been intrusive to some residents of Wester Balblair and also the Groam of Annat.

We believe that these noise issues are load related and this does concern us, with the possibility of a Wester Isles underground link to the substation and what effect this will potentially have on the noise as well as a significant visual affect that a new DC/AC converter station will have on the area and footprint of the substation.

As some of you will be aware SSE did start to upgrade and repair the Beauly to Deanie overhead power line during the year. The work was started but has now been delayed as there is more works needed on the line than were initially anticipated. We are not yet sure when work will recommence on this line.

All of these issues are covered under liaison meetings which we attend throughout the year with SSE and the aim of these meetings is to alert SSE of problems and issues we have with works carried out and try and avoid issues and problems before works starts.

We also have a liaison group with the Balblair quarry operators, Breedon’s. As some will be aware an area inside the quarry boundary next to Wester Balblair has been reinstated and trees have been planted and Breedon’s now have plans to reinstate a large area around the man-made lake inside the quarry.

With this in mind we have been talking to both SSE and Breedon’s to install a connecting path between the reinstated land and the new area near the lake and are hoping that this will be completed during the summer months.

As everyone I am sure knows or has heard of Highland Council ‘cutbacks’, unfortunately the Community Council has not been immune from the cutbacks and has over the last 2-3 years had cutbacks to their grant. The grant is supposed to cover secretarial fees, printing costs, insurance costs, hiring a hall for council meetings and some other items but in reality  it doesn’t and it is only due to the generosity of some of the members that makes it viable.

Highland Council during this last year have been reviewing Community Councils and their roles. As a result of their findings and discussions our role in the community may change slightly with more decision making and responsibilities. We hope that if this should happen that this will be properly funded.

We do have good relationships with Highland Council and several departments, this has resulted in road repairs and repair work in the local cemetery being carried out promptly and we appreciate their ongoing assistance with this.

As part of the mitigation for the Beauly to Denny overhead line SSE paid to have installed two footpaths just outside Wester Balblair. One that goes up the hill to Altyre House and steadings and the other that goes to the Toll near the quarry and memorial.

We have spoken to Highland Council regarding the maintenance of these footpaths and verges and the Community Council have agreed to maintain these for the next five years and to review things after this period. We are sure that you will all see that this is beneficial.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention the Aigas Community Forest ACF, which seems to be going from strength to strength and would like to thank them for the allocation of free firewood to worthy elderly residents in the community.

Again I would like to thank all of my colleagues on the Community Council who are all of tremendous value to the effectiveness and running of the Community Council, I would also like to urge anyone that cares for the community and has a little time to spare to contact us and possibly join us.


Steve Byford