Minutes of Meeting, Thursday 7th November 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 7th November 2019 at the ‘The Kirk, Wester Balblair’ at 7.30pm

Present:  Steve Byford (Chair), Mary Graham (Secretary), Duncan Fraser(Treasurer) John Graham, Mark Hedderwick, Cllr. Margaret Davidson

Apologies: John Stewart (Vice-Chairman), Cllr. Emma Fox, Cllr. Helen Carmichael.

Guests: Anna McInnes. Steve Byford welcomed Anna and explained the procedure.

Meeting commenced: 19.35hrs

Minutes of the previous meeting Thursday 3rd October 2019 were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by John Graham, seconded by Steve Byford – Approved.

Police Scotland: No Officer available. MG read KCC area report. PC Karen Mackenzie sent her apologies later that evening.

Matters arising:

  • Wildlife Infringement around Aigas. Reports had been received of drones being flown close to the osprey and peregrine nests and increased canoe activity on the river above Aigas Dam. Sir John Lister Kaye asked if KCC could provide a representative to a short life working group to include the Field Centre, Golf Club and Forest. KCC agreed in principal and DF suggested the River Watcher would be a good addition. DF to provide contact details.
  • Loch nam Bonnach – Response from Stewart Eastaugh, THC Access Rights Officer, with advice for landowner. Area has been reasonably quiet recently so they may have gone elsewhere.
  • Toll Bypass Maintenance – It was confirmed that Simon had started clearing the paths and will be putting in another day in early November.


Chairman’s Report:

  • SB reported on the SSE CLG meeting. New management personnel introduced. SSE are still committed to noise reduction. SB to request meeting to discuss possible alternative siting of new convertor station. Secretary to email KS.

 Vice Chairman’s Report:

  • No report


Secretary’s Business and Correspondence:

  • Community Council Elections – Confirmation that we have two nominees so Council will go to election. Reminder of time table.
  • Cancellation/postponement of December’s meeting. New meeting will be arranged by Ward Manager.
  • Remembrance Day Service Sunday 10th November at 3.00pm. In the absence of both the Chair and Vice-Chair JG to lay the wreath.
  • Kilmorack Hall AGM Sunday 10th November 2019, 7.30pm

Treasurer’s Report:

  • First invoice has been paid for Toll Path Maintenance and the Bank balance now stands at £3265.70

Planning Matters:

  • 19/04619/FUL – Teanaloig Cottage, Wester Balblair (SB stated a conflict of interest). Concern was expressed as to the suitability of the septic tank with an extension to four bedrooms and three bathrooms. KCC to comment to planning with a request to review this and also whether the distance to neighbour’s boundary is compliant to up to date standards.
  • 19/04758/FUL – Aigas Field Centre. As this is outwith the Hinterland as defined by the Inner Moray Firth Development Plan and remote from the road no objections were raised.
  • 19/04284/FUL – Ord Distillery water monitoring facilities at Loch nam Bonnah – No objections
  • 19/03559/PIP – Land 90m SW of Tulach Ard, Ruisaurie for PIP for two houses in woodland area. Four complaints received by email and further oral comments from residents. Concerns expressed over septic tank outfalls additional to those already in the area as well as overdevelopment, impact on wildlife and woodlands as well as the effect on access road. KCC have applied for stakeholder status and will raise an objection on the basis of non-compliance with Hinterland Development and provision of Sustainable Drainage.


  • Ditches on Braes need cleaning. DF to advise location


Next meeting: Meeting postponed due to CC elections. TBA


Meeting Closed: 9.09pm                                                                             



Steve Byford, Chairman