Thursday 5th April 2012

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 5th April 2012 at the ‘Kirk’, Wester Balblair at 7.50pm

Present: Steve Byford(Chairman), John Stewart, John Graham, Mary Graham, Mark Hedderwick, Cllr. Helen Carmichael, Margaret Davidson (8.08pm)

Apologies: Cllr. Drew Hendry, Duncan Fraser, Clare Caldwell

Community Members: Alisdair Stewart   Apologies: Ron McLaughlin

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 1st March 2012 were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record. Proposed by John Graham and seconded by Steve Byford – Approved.

Matters arising:

  • ·        Beauly Toll safety rail. We have received confirmation of approval and funds have been received. Alisdair is to arrange early implementation.
  • ·        Kilmorack Cemetery Car Park: A WDF application has been sent in but John Stewart reported that HC may well include this in their Roads Dept plans. We await confirmation.
  • ·        Lights and Bollards – We have advised HC that SSE were unlikely to pay for the replacement and have asked that it is included in their plans but Lisa Kelly has now confirmed that she has put this forward for consideration and is now awaiting a response. She also confirmed that Altyre and Beauly Toll paths should be going to planning at the end of April. This brought some responses as it was perceived that this had been dealt with some time previously.
  • ·        Glen Affric Parking Charges – FCS has just written to us confirming the halt on implementation and agreement to a stakeholders meeting, of which we are now one, w/c 7th May. Venue and details to be confirmed.
  • ·        Fairburn Extension: JG reported on the consultation meeting at Muir of Ord and presented a map delineating the proposed WF extension. He confirmed that further meetings would take place around October and has asked that one be held at Kilmorack Hall. He also directed members to the SSE preferred distribution of Community Benefit module and suggested that as the WF abuts the CC boundary we may be eligible for some community benefit despite not having any immediate visual impact. He further commented on it’s proximity to the Glenaffric/Strathconon Protected area for Golden eagle. SB asked the Secretary to contact SSE and clarify the situation with a phone survey on Tourist Impact he had received. SSE contact: Gavin Steele.
  • ·        Community Benefit Workshop: JG and MG attended the meeting at Smithton where the HC Concordat was explained and promoted. JG explained briefly the methodology of the scheme. Whilst a less than perfect system this may prove better than the present. A general discussion amongst the CC members took place.
  • ·        Highland Environment Network: Unfortunately the member who had hoped to attend had been unable due to work conflicts.
  • ·        DBSE, Pre-inquiry meeting: JG and MG had met with Inverness West and Kiltarlity CCs at Abriachan where it was agreed in principle that all three CCs would pool resources and present a united front, notwithstanding that each council would bring forward their own individual agendas. JG attended the pre-inquiry meeting at Kiltarlity with all parties where the dates were agreed as were the issues that are to be addressed. Noise, Visual Impacts and Tourism/Economic impacts are the features that will be discussed and JG presented a suggested route for the accompanied/non accompanied visit of the Reporter. We need also to carry forward a bed count to identify tourism/economy effect. JG is liaising with Hilda Heisling of Abriachan and has had a meeting with Steve Byford to discuss the way forward. The Inquiry dates are 26th June to 6th July 2012.

Chairman’s Business: No business.

Secretaries Business:

  • ·        NHS Integration Meeting in Inverness. Mary Graham and John Graham attended. In essence all elderly will become the sole responsibility of the NHS and youth and disabled the responsibility of HC, Education and Social Services. Concern was expressed of a certain lack of engagement with the GP service but essentially the idea seemed positive.
  • ·        Training Days for Community Councillors: Steve Byford, Duncan Fraser, Mary Graham and John Graham attended.

Planning Matters: None

Finance: No report



  • ·        Notification received of Scottish Governments Revised Planning Consultation. The web address Closing date for comments 22.16.12
  • ·        Moray Firth Local Development Plan: Public exhibition Phipps Hall Tues 24th April, 2.00-6.00pm.
  • ·        Community Payback: flyer received.



  • ·        Mark Hedderwick expressed concern regarding lack of engagement with the community.
  • ·        New Website for Kilmorack Community Council: JG had instigated a Beta Version of a new website to enable community members access to information such as minutes. Full implementation was agreed and SB suggested that a newsletter be sent around advising the community of this new facility.

Meeting Closed: 9.30pm


Signed:   SB