Minutes of the meeting 6th June 2013

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 6th June 2013 at the ‘The Kilmorack Hall’ at 7.40pm

Present:  Steve Byford (Chairman), John Stewart, Mary Graham(Secretary), John Graham, , Clare Caldwell, Duncan Fraser, Mark Hedderwick, Cllr. Margaret Davidson,

Apologies: Cllr. Helen Carmichael, Cllr. Hamish Wood

Community Members: None

Guests: Sgt Gregor Hay

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 2nd May 2013 were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Steve Byford and seconded John Graham – Approved.

Community Policing report:

  • Sgt Gregor Hay asked that the community be vigilant as there has been three opportunist incidents of theft and one of poaching in our area, Kirkhill and Kiltarlity recently. Sgt Hay asked that any suspicious vans/vehicles be reported to thr Police on the new 101 number. He presented his beat report which will be posted on the KCC website. The Chair thanked him for attending and for the support to the community.

Matters arising:

  • Beauly –Denny – Update. No further information was available but concerns were expressed over the dangerous dip in the new tarmac on the Altyre Road. Email to be sent to Lisa Marchi at SSE, also asking for an update on the Beauly Toll footpath.
  • First Aid Course – First Responders will not be in a position to facilitate training until early autumn but the Red Cross do provide a suitable course at £15 per head (2.5hrs). After some discussion it was decided to send out a leaflet to the community to find out how many wish to participate.
  • Drains and Culverts: Steve had the maps to be completed at the meeting. JG was asked to contact TEC services to arrange a meeting to hand over the maps and to include discussion on snow clearing and gritting.

Chairman’s Business: None

Secretary’s Business: None

Planning Matters:

  • Alterations to 19 Resaurie – Steve Byford declared an interest and the Chair was taken by John Stewart.  After some clarification of detail, and there being no community comments, the Community Council decided not to object. Steve byford resumed the Chair.
  • Fairburn Extension: Despite this coming within 700m of the community boundary, SSE have failed to hold a consultation in the Community. Despite requests this has been turned down although the offer to attend a Community Council meeting had been made. The Committee decided to write officially to the head of onshore wind projects in Perth to request a presentation to the Community. Cllr. Margaret Davidson would also contact Mariane Townsley SSE to request a presentation.
  • National Planning Framework/Scottish Planning Policy – JG said that he had tried to evaluate this report but you would need to be a planning expert/lawyer to understand it. Cllr. Davidson concurred with that view. It was decided to keep a watching brief.
  • Inner Moray Firth Plan – The details had been circulated and at this time there was no change detailed in our area.


  • The treasurer provided the accounts for last year which were approved and duly signed by the Chairman and the Treasurer. Balance at the bank stood at £2727.54 The cheque for Kilmorack Hall 18.09.12 remains uncashed.


  • THC Consultation on the Management of Obstructions within the Adopted Road – SB and MH were provided the paperwork for consideration and response.
  • Climate Challenge Fund – This was discussed and will be born in mind for any suitable project.


  • Aigas Picnic Area – Conversations with Community Payback lead us to understand that it is unlikely that they will be able to maintain the area this year. JG had run a mower over it as an interim measure. JS to get a quote from a local contractor who already works in the area.
  • Supporting Local Business – CC had a request that a page on the website could be made over to list local tradesmen and businesses. JG will look into it but suggested a nominal £10 charge to be put to Community Services.

Next meeting 5th September 2013 at the Kilmorack Hall – 7.30pm.

Meeting Closed: 21.30hrs







Steve Byford,