Minutes of Meeting Thursday 2nd February 2023

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 2nd February 2023 at Beauly Bowls Club starting at 7.30pm.

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), John Stewart(Vice Chair),  Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham,  Mark Hedderwick, John Graham(Secretary), Cllr. Helen Crawford.

Apologies: Cllr. Emma Knox, Cllr. David Fraser, Cllr. Chris Balance, Graeme Mackay

Meeting Commenced at 19.30hrs (7.30pm)

Minutes of Meeting 1st December 2022: Proposed: John Stewart, Seconded: Duncan Fraser.

Police Report:

  • No Report received
  • Cllr Emma Knox forwarded a report on the closures of the Kessock Bridge due to suicide attempts. A difficult area which various options are being considered. The Community Council voiced their support and understanding of the issues involved.

Matters Arising:

  • SSE Speed Cameras – Update – Contacted Sally but awaiting a response.
  • Braes bus cancellation. Although that route had been operated successfully it was missed out of the new contracts. This is one of many within the THC area and Cllr. Crawford was able to inform us that action to rectify the omission was in train. Hopefully there will be a satisfactory resolution shortly.
  • Road Repairs – The maps have been provided and addressed by Community Services(Roads) No information on implementation yet but Alan Johnson is on pothole duty which may be a step in the right direction. The Secretary was pleased to say that the Breakachy road had recently received attention and was much improved.
  • Following concerns about the visibility of youngsters and dog walkers on the road in limited visibility, action has been taken to procure reflective tabards and strobe lights for the children at Teanassie. Funding has been provided by THC Ward Discretionary Fund and we thank our Ward Councillors for their support. Community Councillors John Stewart and Mary Graham handed the safety equipment to the school. At the same time we became aware of a funding shortfall for swimming lessons due to the cost of transport which could result in the cancellation of this year’s program. Again with the help of the WDF and the support of our Ward Councillors a cheque for £900 is to be handed to the school to secure the program.
  • Gritting – Concerns were raised on the delay of about three days to commence gritting on the Braes and the delay in gritting the main roads. These are irregular occurrences and when the schools are closed the priority of our routes diminishes. This causes great difficulty for staff working in the NHS and the elderly. Beauly was very badly affected by ice so this is not an isolated issue.
  • Cannich Hall was disposing of tables and chairs and we were asked if anyone in the Community could use them. ACF availed of the opportunity and acquired twenty chairs.

Chairman’s Business:

  • Nothing to report but CLG meeting next week.

Vice Chairman:

  • SVC and noise issues playing up again at Wester Balblair. Noise intermittent.


  • Advice of free webinar(Community Councils) had been forwarded


  • Balance stands at £3767.84

Planning: No applications


  • New lights at School seem to be left on 24/7. MH questioned the cost of this.

Meeting Closed: at 21.05hrs (9.05pm)

Next Meeting: Thursday 2nd March at Beauly Bowls Club starting at 7.30pm