Minutes Of Meeting Thursday 4th May 2021

Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 4th May 2021 by Zoom at 8.00pm

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), John Stewart(Vice Chair), Mary Graham, Mark Hedderwick, Cllr. Emma Knox, John Graham(Secretary) (Duncan Fraser and Cllr. Margaret Davidson initiated but failed to connect through Zoom)

Apologies: Cllr. David Fraser, Graham Mackay

Meeting Commenced at 20.05hrs (8.05pm)

Minutes of Previous Meeting Thursday 4th March 2021 – Proposed SB, Seconded JS. Passed.

Police Scotland: Written report from PC Scott Maclean. One fixed penalty for inconsiderate/careless driving by Torgormack. No further incidents of note. Report from MH of a surveillance camera that has gone missing. Not known if Police informed.

Matters Arising:

  • Lovat Estate/Memorial road side. Bollards now erected and timber cleared. Work now complete.
  • Altyre – Some of the bollards are damaged or missing and there was some discussion about drainage and the possibility of widening. To be referred to John Taylor.
  • Broken Fence Post by gate on quarry path. SB to look into it’s replacement.
  • Visual impact assessment of proposed SSE Wester Balblair development. SB proposed that we get a landscape architect/artist to prepare a visual display of the proposed development. JG will investigate suitable consultants and SB to take this forward. Approved.
  • Amenity provision for end of quarry life. Inner Moray Firth Development Plan. – EK
  • Planning Gain from SSE Wester Balblair extension. A proposal to consider a path from Wester Balblair to Black Bridge, Traffic lights at quarry entrance. Also attention to Farlie  SSE sealing end tower run off and drainage. Ongoing.
  • Amenity Guarantee for end of quarry life. Inner Moray Firth Development Plan. Contact with IMDP had proved difficult prior to cut off date. Cllr. EK to investigate options.
  • Black Bridge gate. No contact as yet. MH to pursue with Stuart Eastaugh.
  • Attention to Farlie SSE sealing end tower run off. MH to provide simple suggestion to present to SSE.
  • Canoes and paddle boards in the Gorge and impact on schedule 1 birds. Sir John Lister-Kaye has been pursuing matters with NatureScot who have now approved signage and provided suitable wording. Signs have been designed and erected.  NatureScot, Police Scotland Wildlife Crimes Liaison, SSE and Sir John L-K (on behalf of the Community) are to meet soon with the commercial canoe operators to work to a solution.
  • Ditches and drains remain a problem and it was proposed that a survey be conducted to identify the priority areas in the near future. Cllr. EK to contact Roads

Chairman’s Business: No business not already discussed

Vice Chairman:

  • Dog Fouling Signs for  Loch nam Bonnach have been sourced by Graham Mackay and  received with some installed. Charlie from Farlie Estate(Hatfield Farms) has also installed signs by the Loch.  

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence: No report


  • Report received post meeting due DF not being able to connect through Zoom. SSE contribution to Quarry Path repairs now received. Balance at Bank £5080.64

Planning Applications: Only application current has been circulated.


  • MH brought to the Council’s notice collapse of road edges reported to him by a resident. Council are already aware and have plans to repair.

Next Meeting: Thursday 3rd June 2021

Meeting Closed at: 21.20hrs(9.20pm)