Minutes of Meeting, 3rd April 2014

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 3rd Apriil 2014 at the ‘The Kilmorack Hall’ at 8.00pm

Present:  Steve Byford (Chairman), John Stewart, Mary Graham(Secretary), John Graham, Duncan Fraser,  Mark Hedderwick, Cllr. Helen Carmichael.

Apologies: Cllr Margaret Davidson, Cllr. Hamish Wood.

Meeting commenced:  8.01pm.

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 6th March 2014 were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Steve Byford and seconded Duncan Fraser – Approved.

Police Scotland, Beauly Area Report: Sgt. Gregor Hay again requested that out buildings, vans and homes be locked when un-attended as there had been a small number of thefts of power tools in the surrounding area.

Matters arising:

  1.        Noise issues at Wester Balblair – SB gave an update on progress of noise baffles and the last liaison meeting. JG had visited the substation and reported on the work program.
  2.        Aigas Community Forest Update: JG reported that £20,000 had been awarded from the SSE Community Fund. JS questioned whether that may compromise the issues at Wester Balblair. JG confirmed that consideration had been given to the concerns and the Forest Directors were comfortable that this is from a Regional Fund and no connection is apparent. With the funding of £3000 from the Ward Discretionary fund all match funding was now in place and progress was in train to finalise the deal.

Chairman’s Business:

  •          Re-painting of toll path fence. SB will follow up.

Vice Chairman’s Report:

  •          Pot holes at the Turning into Altyre Road had been filled in.

Secretary’s Business:

  •          Open letter  to Community Councils from John Boocock of Kilmuir and Logie East Community Council had been received. Discussion of the four points at issue were discussed but the conclusion was that KCC should continue dialogue with relevant departments within THC which has always proved successful. A letter to John Boocock had been despatched along these lines. It was commented that the relationship with our independent councillors is excellent and we value their ongoing support.


  •          The Treasurer confirmed funds at £2504.39

Planning Matters: No applications.


  •          Men’s Shed – Beauly Care Project. SB to speak to Tom Lewis at Breedon to discuss the availability of one of the redundant buildings.
  •          Signs removed from Toll. A suggestion was made that a all tourism businesses could possible be accommodated on one approved sign.

Next meeting:  1st  May 2014 at the Kilmorack Hall – 7.45pm

Meeting Closed: 21.20hrs



                                                                                                                                                    Steve Byford, Chairman