Minutes of Meeting, Thursday 4th May 2017


Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 4th May 2017 at the ‘The Kirk, Wester Balblair’ at 7.30pm

Present:   Steve Byford (Chair), John Stewart (Vice-Chair), Mary Graham(Secretary), John Graham, Duncan Fraser(Treasurer),  Mark Hedderwick.

Apologies: Cllr. Margaret Davidson, Cllr. Helen Carmichael, Cllr. Dr. Jean Davies.

Meeting commenced:  7.35pm

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 6th April  2017  were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by John Stewart, seconded by Duncan Fraser – Approved.

Police Scotland, Beauly Area Report:

  • Report by PC MacDonald. Nothing to report in this area. JG mentioned speed of traffic during the litter pick with Aigas Field Centre. PC MacDonald suggested informing the Police beforehand and signs would be made available. The fly tipping problem was discussed with a conclusion that we could put up signs first then possibly cameras if the problem persists. Also present was the Community Support Officer.

Matters arising:                                                                             

  • “Church of Scotland/Kilmorack Hall bus stop update. C of S has been in touch re progress. JG awaiting clarification on kerbing and if we can enquire if Breedon could provide materials when they do the Toll. JG to contact John Taylor again to discuss options.
  • JG reported newsletter for KCC and Aigas Community Forest with Firewood questionnaire was ready for distribution. SB to organise.
  • Beauly-Deanie upgrade. Areas where the 11kv(domestic supply) lines go under the 132kv overhead lines will be undergrounded. Towers are having climbing bolts replaced before re-painting and the new conductors and insulators.
  • Ditch repairs – awaiting photographs and OS refs. JG/DF
  • Roadside Litter Pick – Make up new signs possibly following the Keep Scotland Beautiful program. Also consider signage No Fly Tipping.
  • Footpath edges – the footpath from the rail bridge to the Lovat bridge is becoming narrowed due to overgrowth in places. JG to contact Community Services to see if the path can be cut back.

Chairman’s Report: No Report 

Vice Chairman’s Report:  

  • SSE CLG – JS reported that the connector station should be not much higher than the hedge. Design subject to contractors. Dounreay line – existing towers to be used. SB asked Mg/JG to enquire of NA which towers will be reduced in height. Replanting around sub station should be later this year as the time for tree planting is past.
  • Memorial seats – JS is sourcing new wood and DF will complete construction. The budget for the new timber was approved.

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence:

  • Apologies sent to IACCF.
  • Next CLG (SSE) – 31st May 2017


  • No expenditure this month. Balance is £1783.75

Planning Matters:

  • Druim Ba inquiry in progress.


  • Aigas Community Forest – Chainsaw Course starting 15th May
  • Quarry path seats location identified. JS/DF
  • Altyre Footpath – drainage ditch blocked by weeds. Check who is responsible for this now and contact. JG

Next meeting: Thursday 1st June 2017 at 7.30pm At Ffordes Photographic(the Kirk)        

Meeting Closed: 9.04pm                                                                            



 Steve Byford