Planning applications can be accessed by going to the Highland e-planning portal  click here and enter the planning application number or address in the simple search box.

Pending Applications: If you check on the Agenda, planning applications are listed for discussion at the next meeting.

If you wish to make your thoughts known to the Community Council

Community Council Policy on Planning Issues

The Community Council has taken a view that Planning Policy and Objectives are possibly best understood by Planning Officers and Ward Councillors. It can be an extremely complicated area. Our job is to represent the views of the Community both on Planning Policy and Planning Applications. To this end we welcome any input from residents and will reflect those views in our responses to Planning Consultations and Planning Applications. Sometimes that may mean we will object and sometimes simply state the differing views. There may be times that we take issue on interpretation of Planning Policy. Community Councils can only make representations, but we can at times opt to be a statutory consultee. That can force decisions to be taken before full planning meetings and not handled by devolved powers. To activate this we have to respond within seven days of being notified and then send in our objection/report within fourteen days thereafter.. This does require a prompt response from those effected. For further information on planning in the rural environment please refer to the Highland Council Supplementary Guidance Housing in the Countryside