Minutes of Meeting, Thurs 8th April 2021

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 8th April 2021 by Zoom at 8.15pm

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), John Stewart(Vice Chair), Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham, Mark Hedderwick, Graeme Mackay, Cllr. Margaret Davidson, Cllr. David Fraser, John Graham(Secretary)

Apologies: Cllr. Helen Carmichael, Cllr. Emma Knox.

Meeting Commenced at 20.15hrs (8.15pm)

Minutes of Previous Meeting Thursday 4th March 2021 – Proposed DF, Seconded MG. Passed.

Police Scotland: No report. However, Insp Mackinnon had been in touch with John Taylor after a complaint from a local resident had been addressed to MSP Kate Forbes regarding the logs placed to prevent cars parking on the grass. Insp Mackinnon had sent two police officers to the scene but did not feel the logs were an issue. John Taylor forwarded a copy of our letter to THC requesting an extension to the row of bollards and informed the Inspector that the extra bollards were to be erected shortly. They are now in place.

Matters Arising:

  • Altyre Path improvement. MH confirmed that we were waiting on suitable weather to complete that work. Quarry Path removal and chipping of broom is now complete although one gate post has collapsed. Questions as to who maintains path and Simon Dakin offered to quote to maintain paths on the top where the path connects to the road. That is usually done by locals but JS to get Simon to provide a quote but we don’t have funding for that at this time.
  • A short discussion on when to get Kevin in to cut the grass on Altyre. JG remarked that the forest getting a new tractor and flail means that they will be able to take on grass cutting at the pic-nic area on a more frequent basis starting mid June. The Chair expressed some relief on that since his efforts with his strimmer proved hard work.
  • Gate at Black Bridge. No action yet but MH to contact Stewart Eastaugh to clarify if he will contact Lovat Estate. SB to contact Lovat re removal of logs now bollards are in place.
  • Loch nam Bonnach. GM had arranged signs to be installed and liaised with Charlie, the stalker. We may need some more signs. Questions about the rubbish bin at the entrance and it’s possible removal.
  • Ditches and Drains: Councillors asked to re-address this issue which was last investigated pre-lock down. Cllr. MD mentioned that funds for roads were becoming more available as was staff availability and we should not be backward in requesting improvements.

Chairman’s Business:

  • SB welcomed Cllr David Fraser and allowed him a few minutes to introduce himself.
  • Steve Byford gave a full and detailed briefing on the Virtual Meeting with SSE, attended by JS, MG, JG and Ian Shepherd(Lovat). Items of particular note were the large building to supplant the woodland coppice and the new security fence. May’s follow up meeting has now been deferred to mid-Summer whilst points raised can be explored. It was suggested that we make our demands clearly and push for some planning gain on local roads which will be damaged by the extra traffic and any other required facility (e.g. landscaping)

Vice Chairman:

  • Water flooding issues at Farlie House where water is going on to the road from the sealing end tower compound. Contact Sally at SSE to suggest that they should address this.
  • Ongoing issue with flooding in severe weather outside the quarry exit was also mentioned. JS to liaise with Kris Bremner and John Taylor to see if this could be addressed once and for all.

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence: No report


  • Duncan Fraser reported a balance of c. £3609.94 in the bank with the payment for the quarry path due which will be covered by SSE’s contribution.

Planning Applications:

  • Current application for agricultural building for Robbie Short by his new house in Breakachy. No comments from any residents yet but it is fairly remote.


  • MH brought to the Council’s notice funding for upland paths and post Covid tourism infrastructure support

Next Meeting: Thursday 6th May 2021

Meeting Closed at: 21.15hrs(9.15pm)


Steven Byford