Minutes of Meeting, Thurs 2nd March 2023 (Draft)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 2nd March 2023 at Beauly Bowls Club starting at 7.30pm.

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), John Stewart(Vice Chair),  Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham,  Mark Hedderwick, Graham Mackay, John Graham(Secretary).

Apologies: Cllr. Emma Knox, Cllr. David Fraser, Cllr. Chris Balance, Cllr. Helen Crawford

Guests: Roy Templeton

Meeting Commenced at 19.45hrs (7.45pm)

Minutes of Meeting 2nd February 2023: Proposed: Duncan Fraser, Seconded: John Stewart.

Police Report:

  • No Report received
  • Mention was made of the Bus incident by the Co-Op where two passengers were injured after an emergency stop. Also more recent concerns of someone trying doors in the early hours of the morning. Nothing like this in Kilmorack but be aware and lock doors.

Matters Arising:

  • SSE Speed Cameras – Update – Contacted Sally but the project manager is on holiday.
  • Braes bus re-instatement. The bus service will return on the 19th April. Could Cllr David Fraser acquire a route map which might be circulated to attract more users.
  • Road Repairs – Ongoing.
  • Concern had been expressed on trees between Kilmorack Hall and the Glebe which are hanging over the road. After one recently fell the others may be at risk. KCC to get advice and then take whatever action is necessary either by communication with the landowner or The Highland Council.
  • Community Council Elections will be in November 2023. Some of our Councillors may be considering not standing again and we need to address that. JS mentioned that he knew of one resident who may be willing to put himself forward. Situation with SSEN suggests some form of continuity would be the preferred situation.


  • The Chairman referred to the recent CLG and following discussions with Bill Fraser expressed his annoyance that the preferred routes of the Spittal-Beauly 400KV line had not been presented to the CLG. Other information that Bill Fraser had gleaned from the web site clearly embarrassed SSE and has since been taken down. The Chair went on to say that we need a meeting with decision makers concerning the recent proposals. He also thought that a collaborative meeting between the effected Community Councils: Kiltarlity, Kirkhill, Kilmorack and Muir of Ord may be the next move. The CC agreed with the Chair that the Secretary should contact Sally Cooper and express that they were unhappy that information on the web site had not be given at the CLG, certainly no one was happy at the poor rendition on the maps showing lines into Wester Blablair (from Fennallen), Scale and rendition of preferred option for the substations at Fennallen were not adequate. There was a general unease at the proposals and a question why the major construction cold not have been further removed from the occupied areas of Kilmorack.

Vice Chairman:

  • CLG meeting at Breedons was attended by Steve Byford, John Stewart and Duncan Fraser. Test bores are taking place to identify areas where the quarry could be extended. Some felling to the rear of the quarry is imminent and had been previously agreed. Re-instatement of native trees and sowing of wild flowers was in progress on the parts of the quarry identified for restitution. Drainage at the entrance and attention to an existing soakaway was in hand.


  • Call for AGM for April. Accounts and Chair’s report to be provided.


  • Balance stands at £4067.84

Planning: No applications


  • Report on Beavers had been circulated. Do we wish a meeting with Alan from Trees for Life. As report only received that morning this will be further considered before the April Meeting.
  • Mark Hedderwick asked if Lovat could be contacted regarding the beech hedge by the war memorial which has expired.

Meeting Closed: at 21.15hrs (9.15pm)

Next Meeting: Thursday 7th April at Beauly Bowls Club starting at 8.00pm