Minutes of Meeting 3rd October 2013

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 3rd October 2013 at the ‘The Kilmorack Hall’ at 7.30pm

Present:  Steve Byford (Chairman), John Stewart(Vice-Chairman),Mary Graham(Secretary), John Graham, , Duncan Fraser, Mark Hedderwick, Cllr. Margaret Davidson, Cllr. Helen Carmichael

Apologies: Cllr. Hamish Wood, Cllr. Drew Hendry, Clare Caldwell

Community Members:

Guests: PC Scott MacLean, Morven Smith(Corporate Affairs, SSE) Alistair Brand(Beauly-Denny Project Director SSE)

Meeting commenced 19.35hrs.

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 5th September 2013 were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by John Graham and seconded Steve Byford – Approved.

Police Scotland, Beauly Area Report:

PC Scott MacLean reported.

  1. 1.       No crimes reported in the Kilmorack area since last meeting.
  2. 2.       Incidents of theft of tools from unsecured vehicles and sheds in Beauly area.
  3. 3.       Requests to Community to lock vehicles, houses and sheds whilst unattended.
  4. 4.       House numbers – some house names have been changed and a request for house numbers to be displayed and visible to facilitate emergency services prompt response.
  5. 5.       Concern was raised about the impact of Google earth on identifying remote properties to villains.

PC Maclean left 1958hrs


Matters arising:

1)       Noise Issues – Wester Balblair

Alistair Brand(SSE) – Action to date

(i)       Individual monitoring of each piece of equipment(Sgurr Energy)

(ii)     Further Monitoring equipment to be installed on 07.10.13 at five locations in and around Wester Balblair to monitor noise levels 24hr per day throughout October.

(iii)    Awaiting permissions from National Grid for power outages to switch off pieces of equipment thought to factor in noise issues.

(iv)    Quickfix – Gaps between transformers and concrete bases to be in-filled.

(v)     Noise baffling to be considered.

Morven Smith asked that the Community report any more noise nuisance so that they can get the bigger picture.

2)       Toll Paths – two problems arising

(i)                   Work will damage Toll Houses soak-a-way

(ii)                 Heads of terms on both Beauly Toll and Altyre Road to be finalised

(iii)                Morven Smith stated the SSE are committed to both paths. Global have been contracted and will start Toll path in November. The Chairman asked when all will be finished.  Alistair Brand is going to put in someone to oversee all elements

3)       Traffic Management – Concern was raised at the short notice of road closures. A request for better communication was made.

4)       Extra Heavy Traffic on Braes minor roads

a)       Conflicting with School Bus Times and children walking home up the Altyre Road contrary to statement in the SSE Dunmore Cable Termination Compound Environmental Report (page 4) Traffic and transport.

b)       Murphy’s have Traffic Management plan with dedicated roads. However this information had not been adequately presented to the Community.

c)       Road Closure only notified two to three days in advance and diversions inadequately signed.

d)        Concerns as to wear and tear and re-instatement of roads were raised as were the condition of verges and vegetation obscuring sight lines. Highland Council to investigate(Cllr M. Davidson)

5)       The Chairman requested update on timescales for Footpaths, timescales and impacts of Mossford and Blackhillock lines. Alistair Brand will provide engineering update.

6)       Cllr Margaret Davidson requested a Liaison meeting with Lisa Marchi and engineers prior to Community Meeting 31st October.

7)       A  newsletter, possibly bi-monthly, updating residents was discussed.

8)       Access to Farley Woods. Evidence of physical closure was provided to SSE including access statements in the ES and that would be referred back to the contractors.

Morven Smith and Alisdair Brant (SSE) left at 21.23hrs

9)       Quarry paths – Hitrack have been contracted and will start Oct/Nov

10)   Orrin Wind Farm – No update

11)   FCS – Proposal – Plodda Falls and Beinn a Mheadhoin meters to be removed- No charges at Chisholm Bridge – Yearly revue and Liaison Group to oversee concerns. All profits ring fenced to the area. This was reluctantly agreed as best achievable.

12)   Aigas Forest – AGM 21st October at Aigas Field Centre

13)   Ward Forum – Police and Fire Service. JG, MG and DF attended.

The Police gathered concerns of the local area to help formulate Policy.

Fire Chief – Call centres may be rationalised but technology would mean no degradation of service. Beauly Fire Station was safe.

14)   Everyday First Aid Course – 9 people attended and found it useful and it was agreed to offer further sessions.

Chairman’s Business: None

Secretary’s Business: None

Planning Matters:

  • 13/02801/FUL | Extension to chalet | Rowan Lodge Broallan Beauly IV4 7AH –No Issues
  • 13/03154/DEM Demolition of Sub-station House, Wester Balblair – Comments raised as to visual impact and noise blanketing.


Finance:  Annual grant received of £867 – A drop from last year.



  • Highland Road Safety Seminar – No members available
  • Site Action – The See Hear Exhibition 30th Oct



  • War Memorial – Community Payback had replaced broken posts and repainted fence. Steve Byford(Ffordes) paid for the posts, postcrete and paint
  • The Chairman asked a vote of appreciation for Cllr. Margaret Davidson for all her effort in these matters.


Next meeting 7rd November 2013 at the Kilmorack Hall – 7.30pm.

Meeting Closed: 21.56hrs


   High436      Steve Byford, Chairman