Minutes of Meeting, 1st October 2105

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 1st  October 2015 at the ‘The Kilmorack Hall’ at 7.30pm

Present:  Steve Byford (Chair), Duncan Fraser(Treasurer),  Mary Graham(Secretary), John Graham, Mark Hedderwick,

Guests: PC Billy Macdonald, Zofia Fraser

Apologies: John Stewart, Cllr. Margaret Davidson, Cllr. Helen Carmichael

Meeting commenced:  7.40pm.

Minutes of the previous meeting Thurs 3rd September 2015 were taken as read and accepted as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Duncan Fraser, seconded by Mark Hedderwick – Approved.

Police Scotland, Beauly Area Report: PC Billy Macdonald – Two non serious RTC in the area and reports of one possible bogus call.

Zofia Fraser, a prospective independent Councillor, introduced herself and asked what the issues were for the Kilmorack area. Left 8.25

Matters arising:

  1. Community Council Elections: Members were reminded about the date for nominations.
  2. Beinn Mhor wind farm. The Chairman had been notified of a legal challenge by WPD. Charles Stephen has been notified.
  3. Altyre/Toll Path update on maintenance. Awaiting a response from Tracey Urray.
  4. SSE roads assessment in the Braes – Steve Byford, John Stewart and Duncan Fraser met Neil Anderson and Andrew Hogg and travelled the affected roads. Neil Anderson had arranged photos and would meet with THC(roads). Further to that meeting he would report back to SSE’s senior management..
  5. Verges and Hedges – An update from MH which indicated that contractors would budget at £35 per hour – ongoing. Funding and manpower need resourcing.
  6. Ditches from Shin Tower to Farlie House are blocked JG to contact John Taylor (Community services)
  7. Wall at War Memorial – Update from DF. It was suggested that perhaps Community Payback could pressure wash the stones. Plans to refurbish wall are in hand.
  8. Seats – Altyre – DF has liaised with Charlie Barclay and that is agreed. Need to ask THC if planning permission is required. Need clarification on whether SSE have handed over on work before we can proceed.
  9. Complaint from neighbouring farms that weeds have been allowed to grow and will migrate to his fields if not addressed. Will again address this with THC.

Chairman’s Business:

  • Cheque received from the British Legion Beauly and District Club to support the Community Council’s activities. MG to send letter of thanks. 

Vice Chairman’s Report:  No Report

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence:

  • Next SSE CLG meeting Lovat Arms, 8th October 7.15pm.


  • £100 paid out to Men’s Shed and £200 received from British Legion. Balance stands at £2427.74

Planning Matters:  No applications this month

AOCB:  .

  • Bus Shelter(wooden) needs re-staining. Also the perspex in all the bus shelters are showing signs of wear/vandalism and need replacement. JG to contact John Taylor and see who is responsible.
  • Drainage at Old Cemetery needs attention. MH will attend to this. Work on BT Boxes has caused blockage.

 Next meeting:   5th November 2015 at the Kilmorack Hall.

 Meeting Closed: 9.25pm    



 Steve Byford