Minutes of Meeting Thursday 2nd December 2021

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 2nd December 2021 by Zoom starting at 8.00pm.

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), John Stewart(Vice Chair), Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham,  Mark Hedderwick, Graham Mackay, John Graham(Secretary), Cllr David Fraser, Cllr Emma Knox, Cllr Margaret Davidson.


Guests: None

Meeting Commenced at 20.03hrs (8.03pm)

Minutes of Previous Meeting Wednesday 3rd November 2021 – Proposed DF, Seconded JS. Passed.

Police Scotland: No report.

Matters Arising:

  • Ditches and Drains – Map of area indicating areas of concern now circulating to Cllr DF and Graham Mackay
  • Altyre path upgrade. Many thanks to Mark Hedderwick for the improvements to the bottom of Altyre and thanks to Breedon for supplying the materials(30tons subbase and 10tons quarry dust). JS to email the CC’s official appreciation.
  • SSEN objection now lodged with THC Planning. Pressure to be maintained in the interests of the Community.

Chairman’s Business:

  • CLG report. Regarding the re-siting of infrastructure for Aigas and Kilmorack dams the Vice Chairman reported that he got the impression that the sites considered were not suitable. A proposal should be forthcoming in April. There will be a meeting regarding noise between THC and SSEN. It was suggested that KCC request a meeting with Directors at SSEN rather than the PR and junior engineers.
  • Broadband Prospects: SB reported on the R100 option and expressed some frustration that few houses are entitled to the full grant which make the project financially challenging. A lot of the data is inaccurate and reliant on information given by interested parties. Nore Political pressure is needed.

Vice Chairman:

  • Breedons – JS had a meeting with Kris Bremner. The trees around the Woodland Walk need thinning and Breedons will look at this. Also the condition of the road at the bellmouth needs resurfacing and will be done sometime. SSEN may be asked for a contribution. The last phase of extraction will require some trees to the Groam side to be felled. Whilst the original option for expansion was not on the cards, Lovat have more recently left the option open for discussion. There has been an expression of interest in a battery storage site and that has been referred to Lovat. Breedons asked if we have had any issues with dust and/or noise over the summer.  

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence: Nothing to report


  • DF confirmed balance stands at £4213.31

Planning Applications: Nothing to Report.


  • MG raised the issue of Resilience following the damage of Storm Arwen in the each and the potential damage of Storm Barra within the next 48hours. Biggest issue is powercuts and communication.
  • Remembrance Sunday – SB and JS likely to attend.

Meeting Closed: at 21.17hrs (9.17pm)

Next Meeting: Thursday 3rd February at 8.00pm (by Zoom)

Signed: Steve Byford