Minutes of Meeting Thursday 10th February 2022

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 10th February 2022 by Zoom starting at 8.00pm.

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), John Stewart(Vice Chair), Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham,  Graham Mackay, John Graham(Secretary), Cllr David Fraser,  Cllr Margaret Davidson.

Apologies: Mark Hedderwick

Guests: None

Meeting Commenced at 20.03hrs (8.03pm)

Minutes of Previous Meeting Wednesday 3rd November 2021 – Proposed SB, Seconded JS. Passed.

Police Scotland: No access to Zoom yet but forward any concerns. No report.

Matters Arising:

  • Ditches and Drains – Ongoing but drain by WB needs jetting. Cllr David Fraser to speak with John Taylor.
  • SSE Resilience – Communication regarding storms was good and the network proved reasonably resilient in Kilmorack. There were people out in Breakachy for a few days. Internet was adversely affected though as were phone lines. With Tore out for several days internet access to the area broadband was compromised but not as badly as BT Broadband for many customers. However in the circumstances all services worked in difficult conditions to reconnect.
  • There have been a number of trees across the A831 on the steep cliffs above Aigas Dam. THC has been clearing up the debris and attending to the drains. Some work is probably still necessary. There are still a number of large trees overhanging the road which are causing some concern.

Chairman’s Business:

  • SSE Noise abatement: SB reported on a meeting with Cllr. David Fraser, Gregor and Zoe to consider the 143page report on the latest noise analysis. SB suggested the report was hard going but the executive summary easier to comprehend. Essentially the latest figures suggest the SSEN have reduced noise levels to an acceptable if borderline level. The noise is reduced but not to pre-2010 levels. It is of some concerns that projected upgrades may worsen the situation and THC may need to re-introduce the abatement order or even issue a stop notice. SSEN will continue to work with the Community on noise levels and nuisance. It is suggested that we write to environmental health and planning to ask that clear conditions be imposed on the forthcoming planning applications and any further ones going forward. Cllr MD stated that SSEN had achieved their targets but wondered how SSE would monitor the situation in the future. It is clear that although conditions have been achieved, they are still very much borderline. It is recommended that KCC write to Rob Macdonald, head of SSEN and note the outcome of the report and ask them for ongoing monitoring and also have a clear plan for more mitigation that is needed to improve further. Cllr DF had some concerns that offsetting demand may have been engineered to pass test. This need continuous testing in place reporting to KCC. The siting of replacement off dam transformers for Aigas and Kilmorack should be notified to the community by April. This is causing a significant level of stress to those in the immediate area where SSE Hydro have surveyed possible sites.
  • The next CLG meeting will take place next Tuesday by Teams.

Vice Chairman: No other business

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence:

  • Dates for next meetings were confirmed with the next two by Zoom. THC have confirmed face to face meetings are now acceptable with a choice for participants to wear masks. However the CC has decided to retain the status quo for the time being.


  • DF confirmed balance stands at £4213.31 but with two small cheques yet to be presented.

Planning Applications:

  • Cllr MD to check on the progress regarding planning application for the Caulternich Battery Storage.
  • No other applications of note not circulated to Community Councillors.


  • Murray Hamilton wood yard – complaints received of seven day working. SB to contact Lovat.
  • Lifespan of quarry still anticipated as 2025 although Lovat did suggest an extension may be favourably considered. Management of Breedon’s are still considering their options of a three year extension. JS to contact Kris Bremner for clarification and update on the current plans.
  • Drainage Wester Balblair

Meeting Closed: at 20.59hrs (8.59pm)

Next Meeting: Thursday 3rd Marchst at 8.00pm (by Zoom)

Signed: Steve Byford