Minutes of Meeting Thursday 3rd March 2022

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 3rd March 2022 by Zoom starting at 8.00pm.

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham,  Graham Mackay, John Graham(Secretary), Cllr David Fraser,  Cllr Emma Knox

Apologies: John Stewart,Mark Hedderwick

Guests: None

Meeting Commenced at 20.03hrs (8.03pm)

Minutes of Previous Meeting Wednesday 3rd November 2021 – Proposed SB, Seconded DF. Passed.

Police Scotland: No report.

Matters Arising:

  • Ditches and Drains – Access to the Quarry will be improved by SSE as part of their development but temporary repairs have been made by The Highland Council. Croyard Road  has had the road sweeper which has improved the surface a little but blocked drains has pushed water on to the road and resurfacing is now urgent. A site meeting with John Taylor or his deputy is still on the cards but demands on his department has delayed this, Junction on Altyre by Charlie Barclays is now in need of quite extensive repair but SB will address this at meeting with Community Services(Roads). SB referred to the online potholes and lighting notification line and congratulated The Highland Council lighting department for a prompt repair to a road light that he had reported.

Chairman’s Business:

  • Beauly CLG meeting: Much concern expressed about future five and ten year plans which seems to include a 400KVA line connecting Dounreay to Blackhillock and Wester Balbair as a triangle. This would be the size of Beauly Denny and all overhead towers and lines. Aesthetically horrendous and if terminating at Wester Balblair doubling the size of the transmission hub. It cannot be envisaged how noise issues could be contained. SB addressed the issue of the new sites for the hydro dams referring to the stress caused to many residents as unacceptable. Noise: SSE want to remove the abatement order but reports suggests that they have only just scraped in with an acceptable level. SB made the point that the noise was still intrusive and one two sites were recorded. There must be a commitment to ongoing monitoring as the current situation leaves much to be desired. SB to contact planning department to ask for stringent conditions to be placed on any planning consent and they must be enforcible.
  • A residents request for attention to possibly unstable trees near Kilmorack Hall has been received and John Taylor is sending a team out to investigate and also referred this to check on landowner responsibility.

Vice Chairman: No business

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence:

  • We have been invoiced for a further year of Zoom meetings at £119.90. Treasurer will ensure that Secretary is reimbursed.


  • DF confirmed Zoom and Insurance had been paid and balance stands at £3930.71.

Planning Applications:

  • One planning application in Torgormack had been notified to all Councillors. There may be a general issue of The Inner Moray Firth Development Plan-building in the Hinterland and over-development of the area. A comment will be placed on the Planning application.


  • Mark Hedderwick had requested information for a Struy resident regarding bus shelters. Cllr. David Fraser commented that Strathglass were looking into this and would appreciate any advice. JG agreed to forward the synopsis of information to hand to Strathglass CC.
  • SB referred to the situation in Ukraine and wondered if we could offer any assistance to refugees. It was suggested that at this time the Charities and in many cases their families will have this in hand but should any refugees arrive in the area we will extend a welcome and whatever help we can give.

Meeting Closed: at 20.56hrs (8.56pm)

Next Meeting: Thursday 8th April (AGM) at 8.00pm (by Zoom) and normal meeting thereafter.