Minutes of Meeting Tuesday 3rd May 2022(Draft)

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 3rd May 2022 by Zoom starting at 8.00pm.

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham,  John Stewart(Vice-Chair), John Graham(Secretary), Cllr Emma Knox

Apologies: Graeme MacKay, Mark Hedderwick,Cllr. David Fraser


Meeting Commenced at 20.00hrs (8.00pm)

Minutes of Previous Meeting Wednesday 7th April 2022 – Proposed SB, Seconded DF. Passed.

Police Scotland: Written report had been circulated in advance.

Matters Arising:

  • Ditches and Drains – JG had met Alan Johnstone by chance and was able to discuss the bitumen shortage which had now been resolved with supplies from Venezuela. SB will try the potholes hotline to expedite the more urgent areas. Otherwise the situation is ongoing.
  • SSE Community Resilience Funding – KCH had been informed but no response as of yet. JG to contact them for an update.
  • Kilmorack Cemetery – A complaint had been received regarding the condition of the Cemetery and the Secretary had visited. Recent grass growth had rather overtaken the graves and Hugh Gardner (Project Manager, Bereavements) has been made aware. He is sending a team to address the problem.

Chairman’s Business:

  • Quarry – The Chairman had received a noise complaint from a resident outwith Kilmorack CC area but had addressed the issue by contacting the EHOs and Gregor McCormick. It is likely the noise issue has been aggravated by the crusher being in the quarry and Breedon has apologised for failing to advise us of that fact. It is felt that the clearance of trees to the River area will continue to exacerbate the issue. There is a CLG meeting with Breedons on the 19th May to which John Stewart and Duncan Fraser will attend.
  • Battery storage application. Local residents had been asking what is happening with that and SB asked Cllr Emma Knox if she was aware of any movement. No one seems to have heard any news from that area.  

Vice Chairman:

  • JS’s new neighbour had complained about the speed of some cars coming down the Altyre. JS commented that, especially in the evening, it has become a bit of a race track. She has a young daughter and is concerned for her welfare. SB suggested the option of a Radar Speed sign which we had proposed to SSE for the main road. SSE have yet to respond and may need chasing. Will be brought up at the next Beauly CLG meeting.

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence:

  • The Secretary reported on three options for meetings. KCH may be available for alternative week Monday meetings, Beauly Shinty Club had offered their committee room which seats ten foc. (Thursday is training night so there may be some external noise), The Tarradale Room at the Muir of Ord Hub is available at £12 per hour. Tea and coffee and audio visual equipment is available. It was felt the next meeting will be Zoom which leaves us the summer to make a decision.
  • The provisional dates for the rest of this years meeting had been circulated and after some modification were presented to the Council. Subject to a decision on meeting venues these may change.


  • DF confirmed the balance stood at £3917.71.

Planning Applications:

  • House at land 100m NE of Tor View House, Torgormack, Beauly  application has been granted.


  • The Osprey/Peregrine situation has taken a turn for the worse with some eighteen cars there over the Bank Holiday Sunday. As the situation had been under some control until then it was somewhat frustrating. Sir JLK has written to NatureScot, the Police and other bodies remonstrating that something has to be done less we lose these Red List birds. SB brought the subject of trail cameras and that will be explored.
  • Aigas/Kilmorack Dam upgrades – Received today new places of interest for siting the substations. Neither sites featured on the original options. The preferred option seems to be on SSE land below the dam. 

Meeting Closed: at 21.03hrs (9.03pm)

Next Meeting: Thursday 9th June at 8.00pm (by Zoom).