Minutes of Meeting Thursday 9th June 2022

Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 9th June 2022 by Zoom starting at 8.00pm.

Present: Steve Byford(Chair), Duncan Fraser(Treasurer), Mary Graham,  John Stewart(Vice-Chair), Graeme Mackay, Mark Hedderwick, John Graham(Secretary), Cllr Emma Knox, Cllr Helen Crawford, Cllr Chris Ballance.

Apologies: Cllr. David Fraser


Meeting Commenced at 20.00hrs (8.00pm) SB welcomed our new Ward Councillors and introduced our Community Councillors to them.

Minutes of Previous Meeting Wednesday 3rd May 2022 – Proposed DF, Seconded JS. Passed.

Police Scotland: Written report had been circulated in advance but the Secretary read out the salient points. SB referred to some recent cases of attempted fraud via Gumtree and asked that warnings be posted on the Hall FB page and the KCC web site as well as making the local Police aware.

Matters Arising:

  • Ditches and Drains – SB spoke of the online reporting feature which was addressed later under Chairman’s Business but it was agreed that GM and SB would do a recce of the area and list the problems to THC.
  • SSE has provisionally agreed to supply speed awareness cameras subject to the agreement from THC.
  • ACF is pleased to confirm that the new composting loo, with disabled access, is now installed and operational. Road closure for felling by the A831 is pending but yet to be confirmed. Contractors are presently clearing windblow.
  • Picnic area now cut with the new Forest tractor and verge mower. Originally purchased to clear the roads and paths in the forest but available to cut the grass in the car park which adjoins the forest. Machinery worked fine but operator needs a bit of practice!
  • Beauly Cluster Consultation notified for the 22nd June at Kilmorack Hall and virtually on the 28th June.

Chairman’s Business:

  • SB reported on the CLG and expressed some dissatisfaction on the way SSE chose four sites to comply with Ofgem of which obviously only one is their preferred option. This causes much stress to the local populace not helped by off-site mapping (Google flat earth) that takes no account of the topography and practical consideration of the other sites.  The minutes of the CLG meeting had only arrived that afternoon and had yet to be considered.
  • SB had tried the online reporting of road issues and was awaiting to see how long it would take to address the corner up by Charlie Barclay. SB and GM to list the problem areas when SB returns from holiday.  

Vice Chairman:

  • JS and DF attended then Wester Balblair(Breedons) Quarry CLG meeting with Chris Bremner which commenced with a tour of the quarry. Whilst the quarry is scheduled to close by 2026 there are ongoing discussions regarding an extension with test bores planned [these we are informed by MH have been cancelled without explanation at this time]. Any extension would need planning and it is likely that there would be strong objection from those living over the river. Phase one Regeneration is progressing well with phase two due to commence in twelve months. Dust damping is available this summer should conditions dictate. Breedon will consider support the speed awareness signs if required. SSE is presently addressing the bell mouth to the quarry prior to the sub station extension. JS again referred to the flooding and asked that this be considered with the bell mouth improvements.
  • JS mentioned the difficulty contacting Simon Dakin for his latest invoice. He is working away and only back at weekends and his digs have no internet connection.
  • JS informed the Community Council of a plaque of rats in Wester Balbair. THC Pest Control office have been informed. It was questioned whether someone keeping chickens and not properly securing the feed store may be the issue.  

Secretary’s Business and Correspondence: Nothing to report


  • DF confirmed the balance stood at £3917.71 but we are still awaiting two outstanding invoices.

Planning Applications: None


  • MH mentioned that some sightlines were compromised and needed attention. Some of the younger drivers are not driving with consideration to the roads. Cllr Emma Knox to contact John Taylor. It was noted that last year they were addressed quite early. There has been an explosion of growth over the last few weeks.

Meeting Closed: at 21.10hrs (9.10pm) SB thanked our new Councillors for attending.

Next Meeting: Thursday 8th September (Time and location to be confirmed)